Unités de roulement

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Rolling is a type of motion that combines rotation (commonly, of an axially symmetric object) and translation of that object with respect to a surface (either one or the other moves), such that, if ideal conditions exist, the two are in contact with each other without sliding.

Rolling where there is no sliding is referred to as pure rolling. By definition, there is no sliding when there is a frame of reference in which all points of contact on the rolling object have the same velocity as their counterparts on the surface on which the object rolls; in particular, for a frame of reference in which the rolling plane is at rest (see animation), the instantaneous velocity of all the points of contact (e.g., a generating line segment of a cylinder) of the rolling object is zero.

In practice, due to small deformations near the contact area, some sliding and energy dissipation occurs. Nevertheless, the resulting rolling resistance is much lower than sliding friction, and thus, rolling objects, typically require much less energy to be moved than sliding ones. As a result, such objects will more easily move, if they experience a force with a component along the surface, for instance gravity on a tilted surface, wind, pushing, pulling, or torque from an engine.

KOYO UKFC217 unités de roulement

30 mm 145 mm
46 Kg 59,9 kN

SKF FY 1.5/8 TF unités de roulement

10x22x13 13 mm
NBS 22 mm

NACHI UCT317 unités de roulement

0.512 Inch | 13 Mill http://www.nachiamer
12000 r/min 8482.10.50.68

NACHI UKFL311+H2311 unités de roulement

158,5 mm 325 kN
119 kN 145 mm

FYH NAP206 unités de roulement

18 mm 2LA-BNS011CLLBG/GNP4
NTN 18 mm

SNR UST210+WB unités de roulement

0.625 50.00
31,75 0.068

KOYO UKPX17 unités de roulement

18 mm 1,1 mm
1,1 mm 86,6 mm

NKE PCJ60-N unités de roulement

Steel No
Single Row Ball Bear No

SNR UKFS313H unités de roulement

68,2625 150
6,4 mm 68,2625 mm

SNR EXPG208 unités de roulement

0,41 mm 4,762
12,7 mm 4,14 mm

FYH UCC206-19 unités de roulement

8 mm 5 mm
8 5

KOYO UCTH206-20-150 unités de roulement

1,5 mm 105
50 mm 2,89 Kg